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Louisiana student sent home for wearing a Colts jersey

Let's all give this fan a round of applause.

Louisiana HS student sent home for wearing Colts jersey?

Big controversy in Livingston Parish, LA at this hour, as a high school student is claiming that he was sent home by his principal for wearing an Indianapolis Colts jersey during the schools' Black-and-Gold Day to honor the Saints. Now the ACLU is involved, saying that Brandon Frost, a senior at Maurepas High School, had his civil liberties violated when he was told his Colts jersey was inappropriate attire. All students were encouraged to wear Saints jerseys to school today. Key quote:

"The principal came and got me out of class," Frost said. "He started to get angry with me. After that, all I really remember him telling me was if I like Indiana so much, why don't I move back to Indiana."

The boy's father said he called the ACLU rather than the school because he was too angry.

"Louisiana would be proud of him anyway," Larry Frost told the Associated Press. "He wore Joseph Addai's jersey."

The Colts running back is a graduate of Louisiana State University.

The school is now saying that Frost was not sent home, and that the Colts jersey ban was due to the fact that the school has a uniform dress code that was only relaxed for the Black-and-Gold Day. But Frost and his parents didn't buy that explanation, and both say the boy was sent home. From WBRZ-2 TV:

"Brandon felt singled out," said Larry Frost. "I didn't see where it should be a problem. If everybody else is dressing out of uniform, I think he should be able to wear his."

Frost is from Indianapolis and moved to Maurepas with his father four years ago. He claims to have one of the best ACT scores in his class and has plans to join the National Guard.

Steve Vampran, principal of Maurepas High School, at first had no comment. But now he's talking, telling AP that he probably shouldn't have made the comment about moving back to Indiana. He said that Brandon wasn't ordered to go home, but wasn't stopped from doing so instead of just changing his shirt at school. He also says that he's talked with Frost's father, and that things "have been worked out."

The American Civil Liberties Union fired off a letter to Vampran as soon as they got wind of the incident, demanding the school restore Frost's record and erase any mention of disciplinary action taken because he chose to support the Colts.

When, oh when will school administrators learn that if you act all fascist-like in the age of technology, you're in a world of hurt? Just ask this principal.
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